Three Strangers in a Room

Written by Boyce Deaton

Directed by Emma Harr

There are three complete strangers in a room. A whiteboard, table and chairs. They have no idea why they are there. A moderator informs them that they have a list of topics that they have to agree on or else they will be killed. But even under the gun, agreement is easier said than done.

Harry and Babs

Written by Bill Gibson

Directed by Matthew Seiden

Harry and Babs Ritter are returning home from a sales conference. They are alone in the boarding area of an airport and Babs decides to tell Harry that she wants a divorce. From that point, the couple realizes how they have changed and how they have disconnected from one another over the years.


Written by Kiri Palm

Directed by Tanya Freeman

A groom finds he must step away from his wedding reception only to discover that his best friend -- a bridesmaid -- needs to do the same. This encounter leads to long-avoided realizations about the true nature of their friendship and the acceptance that not all stories have a happy ending.

Talley O'Malley, the Unlucky Leprechaun

Written by Kate Guyton

Directed by Karen Howell

Talley O’Malley, the Unlucky Leprechaun is a sweet play about a Leprechaun suffering a case of bad luck, a human who tries to help him, and a wife who may possibly be a gold digger.

Sea Cruise

Written by Evan Guilford-Blake

Directed by Adonis El-Mohtar

Sea Cruise is a bittersweet comedy about hope and redemption, in which an itinerant and disaffected young actor working as an “escort” on a cruise ship encounters -- and offends -- a staid older man who is battling his ghosts.

Poor Bastard

Written by Daniel Guyton

Directed by Keith Franklin

In Poor Bastard, a homeless man and a business man trade places. Only the businessman doesn't quite know it yet.

God's Play

Directed by David Clark

Written by Tom Thon

A prideful, secretive writer, Christopher Pentheus, finds himself the victim of a wrathful deity when he claims his play is better than anything God could write. But this contemporary God has adopted a great love for a good summer blockbuster, and attempts to enlighten (and torture) the young man by forcing him to see the empty stage as a high-octane action movie, complete with plane crashes, police chases, sizzling romance, and ninja fights. Filling in for all the characters, special effects, action-narrative, sound effects and music is a reluctant two person chorus, struggling to bring this world to life. It is theatre at its poorest, emulating film at its most luxurious, when a creator of words matches wits with The Word.

Blue, Blue Moon

Directed by John Patrick Bray

Written by Emma Harr

“Remember when Dad took us to the wood once when we were kids? Where we proved to him once and for all we were destined to be city folk, and…there might have been an alien…and a Wolfman…or something worse? It was all part of our imagination, but…wait…wh..what was that sound?” A brother and sister bring the cremains of their father to the woods, on a dark night with a full moon, only to discover their younger selves playing tricks…